ADORNER is the new psychedelic prog-rock force, with a mission to adorn their creation “for the sake of beauty alone”. The group is the brainchild of songwriter Madeline Stadel, and is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ADORNER is known for the powerful lyrics and evocative vocals of Madeline, combined with celestial song structures, with instrumentation fully realized in a psych-rock canvas by her band.

She released their first single “Right Time / All The Time” in July 2021, and their first self-titled “ADORNER” EP in 2022, later receiving a WAMI nomination for “New Artist Of The Year 2023”. Since then, ADORNER has played live shows with a following in Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison areas, and is setting their eyes on expanding their reach. They released their single “Black Night” in July 2023, and are is also set to debut her first full album, releasing in 2024.

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