ADORNER is the musical project of singer-songwriter Madeline Stadel. Based out of Milwaukee, WI and formed at the end of 2020, the group writes indie pop-rock with a psychedelic and poetic disposition, combined with an edge with soulful emotion. Madeline leads on vocals, keyboard, and synth, with Kay Speidel on drums, and Donna Renee on guitar.

ADORNER released their self-titled EP on May 6th 2022, and are actively recording and writing their full studio album, as well as playing live shows across not only Milwaukee but the surrounding areas including Chicago and Madison. The group is ready to bring music that is according to The Milwaukee Record*, “dreamy and impassioned”, as well as, “unique and powerful”.
*Matt Wild, The Milwaukee Record, 2022

BOOKING INQUIRIES: adornerbandofficialgmail.com

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