ADORNER is the new psychedelic pop-rock force, with a personal mission to adorn their creation “for the sake of beauty alone”. The group is the brainchild of songwriter Madeline Stadel with her powerfully emotional vocals and keyboards, alongside the innovative drumming of Kay Speidel, as well as the sensational guitar played by Elly Bird. Together they play songs with a poetic disposition, combining psychedelic edge with soulful emotion.
ADORNER officially formed in the Fall of 2020, and would go on to release their debut single “Right Time/ All the Time” in July of 2021. After much anticipation, they released their 5-song self-titled EP “ADORNER” in May 2022.
In 2023 the group received a WAMI nomination for “Best New Artist”. Shortly after in February 2023, the group released a music video for their song “End Of My Rope”. The group, described as “unique and powerful” by the Milwaukee Record, is active playing live, writing and recording their full-length project.