About ADORNER- Full Bio

ADORNER is the new psychedelic prog-rock force, with a mission to adorn their creation “for the sake of beauty alone”. The group is the brainchild of songwriter Madeline Stadel, and is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ADORNER is known for the powerful lyrics and evocative vocals of Madeline, combined with celestial song structures, with instrumentation fully realized in a psych-rock canvas by her band.

Madeline had an early start in music and songwriting influenced by her parents musicianship. Her first experiences playing in group settings were humble and at home with her family. In addition to studying music, Madeline was committed to the daily lifestyle of songwritership. She would continue in her private study in voice and would later attend college as a vocal studies major, although songwriting took a backseat in her early college years.

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down in-person instruction, Madeline was hit with a flood of inspiration for her outlet of songwriting again. She knew it was time to launch her project, after having a dream of the word “ADORNER”, appearing in text with dried flowers around it. She felt as if she was being called for first time by a familiar name.

The first original members were two prolific musicians Madeline found through the local music scene, named Elly Bird (guitar) and Kay Speidel (drums). The trio brought to life the songs Madeline had written, as well as new original songs and selected covers. The band would go on to release their debut single “Right Time/ All the Time” in July of 2021, and had a positive response from local audiences after the reimergence of live music. 

In May 2022, the group released their first self-titled ADORNER EP, produced and recorded with immense help from Elly Bird and local producers JJ Agara and Sterling Dorsey.  Madeline graduated with her degree in Voice Performance in the same month. The group continued to play live, while Madeline continued to write. Later that year, Kay also then graduated with her degree in percussion performance. In early 2023, the group received a WAMI nomination for “Best New Artist”, Shortly after in the group released their first official music video in collaboration with director and cinematographer Austyn Meyer, for the original song “End Of My Rope”, (remastered by Ryan Kutz). Shortly after, Elly gracefully stepped away to new opportunities, and the guitar role in the trio would be filled by Donna Renee, as well as Wyatt Miller, while Kay has remained consistent as a member and co-writer.

The group has continued playing live shows through 2023, spreading to the surrounding areas beyond Milwaukee, into Chicago and Madison. ADORNER released their single “Black Night” in July 2023 with the generous help of local musician and producer Dan Niedziejko and mastering at Tide Studio, London. The song sent a new wave of presence for the band, taking the quality of the group’s discography higher. ADORNER is still active, expanding their roster of musicians, and now working towards releasing their first full album, set to release in early 2024.